Credit Bureau Cambodia

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Benefits Of Membership

Corporate members benefit in a number of ways from more accurate, real time and improved credit reporting data.  Firstly members share their reporting data, ensuring that the same asset is not used to underwrite multiple loan agreements.

This reduces the risk for the lender and reduces the number of non-performing loans within the Cambodian economy.

By understanding your customers credit requirements at a more in-depth level you can start to recommend the products and services that best fit that customers credit profile.  This increases your competitive advantage and builds customer loyalty whilst increasing sales of new products and services.

Our members reduce the overall risk associated with both individual loans and their loans portfolio, and at the same time are able to increase their revenue opportunities by understanding exactly when to extend credit to profitable accounts.

By introducing automation into the credit approval process our members can reduce the costs involved within their credit approval process, whilst at the same time reducing the time taken to extend credit to those accounts that offer low risk.

Financial services providers in Cambodia are required to have a fraud compliance program in place to prevent, detect and mitigate identity theft. The CBC provides the required authentication tools, fraud scoring models, consumer identification; credit information and decision tools that help our members establish a compliant identity theft system.

We also assist our members detect and monitor suspicious activity that could be a result of money laundering and report it to the relevant authorities in Cambodia.

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